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4 colours of Photizo Protective Storage Bag
  • Protective Storage Bag for Photizo

    Keep your Photizo safe in this perfectly sized protective storage bag.

    • Choose from light grey, pink, navy blue or black.
    • These bags are made from polyester and have a cushioned interior to save your Photizo from knocks and scratches.  The bags have a zipped cover and a secure carrying handle. Ideal if you are travelling and want to take your unit away with you safely.
    • There is another zipped compartment inside the lid which is the perfect size for a 60 ml spray bottle of Leucillin (recommended for safely cleaning your unit) and a cloth.
    • The storage bag has room for the Photizo unit and the Photizo charger. 
    • There are 2 velcro dividers which can be placed inbetween the Photizo unit and the charger for extra protection.


    Photizo Accessories

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