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Photizo Pain Relief model
  • Photizo Pain Relief - Red Light Therapy Unit

    Have you heard about the healing power of Red Light Therapy?

    Red Light Therapy uses LED's or Light Emitting Diodes to emit red and near infrared light. It is completely natural, non-invasive and painlessly penetrates into your skin, where it stimulates cells throughout that area of your body, without needing any recovery time afterwards.


    Everyone will experience pain from time to time in their life, whether it is from injuring a muscle, a cut on your hand or a hard bump on your head. Pain is the body’s way of warning you about an injury, but once the injury heals, the pain disappears.


    Chronic pain is different, and doctors usually define chronic pain as pain that lasts for 3 to 6 months or more. 


    We have a FREE e-book you might like to download - Red Light Therapy for Chronic Pain.


    Photizo Red Light Devices accelarate the natural healing processes of your body, reducing swelling and inflammation, stimulating your immune system and relieving pain caused by underlying health conditions or injuries.


    Clinical evidence and real-world proof demonstrates that red light therapy is extremely effective. It's been studied in hundreds of clinical trials, with amazing improvements in skin health, collagen production, physical performance and muscle recovery, sleep, joint pain, inflammation and much more besides. And that's without drugs, chemicals or other invasive procedures.


    The Photizo red light devices are hand held, easy to use, rechargeable, and portable. They come beautifully boxed with a carrying pouch, charger and user guide. There is no need to time the dose as that is inbuilt, and they are safe, drug free, and a pleasure to use. No training is needed, they are designed for home use and it's easy to achieve good results with this powerful, cost-effective non-invasive treatment unit.


    Which Conditions Can Cause Chronic Pain?

    Some of the most common causes of chronic pain include arthritis, back problems, past injuries or surgeries, nerve damage, infections and fibromyalgia.


    PHOTIZO PAIN RELIEF - awarded Medical CE for Chronic Pain

    This model is for the treatment of chronic pain which lasts for more than 3 to 6 months


    Here's how Photizo Red Light Therapy can help...

    What is chronic pain?

    Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts for 3 to 6 months or longer. According to the British Pain Society, chronic pain affects more than 40% of the UK population, meaning that around 28 million adults are living with pain that has lasted for 3 months or longer.


    The Photizo Pain Relief is designed to treat any chronic pain caused by underlying health condition. Any sort of long term pain including: back pain, neck pain, inflammation, swelling or arthritis.


    It's a simple, convenient, non-invasive and drug-free way to help reduce chronic and long-term swelling and inflammation, especially if you have arthritis.


    Men and women across the world are using light therapy every day for these natural health benefits.


    Red light therapy has also been shown to help your joints to recover more quickly after an injury, and is beneficial in treating pain and inflammation associated with joint diseases like arthritis and gout.


    Photizo Pain Relief comes beautifully boxed and comes complete with:

    • 24 month warranty on unit (12 month on battery)
    • Fast tracked delivery
    • UK charger
    • Protective carry bag
    • User guide - easy to follow with step-by-step instructions on how to use the device correctly.
    • Hints, tips, and after purchase support to ensure you get the best out of your device.
    • Facebook Group where you can ask questions of other Photizo users and therapists


    • Full Specification - (the Technical Details)

      Power output - 1300mW (Peak output: 340mW/cm2 / Average output: 194mW/cm2)

      Coverage - 4.7cm2

      Wavelengths - 633nM (red) and 850nM (infrared) - each dose includes both wavelengths simultaneously

      Mains power - 100 - 240 V AC

      Battery voltage - 7.2 DC

      Battery charger - 12V, 1A

      Charging time - 3-4 hours

      Weight - 280g

      Dose Details - 8 joules, 30% includes a range of pulsed frequencies (50/50 duty cycle), 70% continuous

    • Key Features

      • Medical CE for Chronic Pain
      • Red and near infrared light
      • Rechargeable long lasting battery
      • Drug-free pain management
      • Light and portable
      • Easy to use
      • 12-month warranty
      • Aftercare support
      • Relieves chronic pain, speeds up healing of wounds, helps with skin conditions, eases musculoskeletal conditions, post-op healing, and much more.
    • What's in the Box

      • Photizo Pain Relief
      • Photizo Charger
      • User Guide
      • Pouch
    • User Manual

      Click HERE to download the User Manual

    • Contraindications & Precautions

      Check the User Guide for Contraindications & Precautions

    • Suggested Accessories



      FOR EQUINE USERS:  Buy a Vetcare Pouch to protect your Vetcare in use and prevent accidental drops.

      TO CLEAN YOUR PHOTIZO: Buy Leucillin to clean the unit safely without causing damage to the lens cover.


    • Questions?

      If you have any questions, contact me and I'll be happy to assist.



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