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MOJO Health Appliance for TMJ/TMD jaw issues
  • MOJO Health Appliance for TMJ/TMD jaw issues

    The MOJO is the ultimate solution for TMJ health, renowned for its exceptional design that ensures maximum comfort, swift repair times, optimal breathing space, and unique tongue exercise features for facial toning.

    Suitable for both day and night use, the MOJO Appliance is a versatile intra-oral health device primarily designed to alleviate the symptoms of TMJ syndrome (TMD) such as jaw joint clicking, facial pain, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain.

    Additionally, the MOJO Appliance promotes better postural and spinal alignment related to the TMJ and Atlas, helping to reduce related symptoms like back pain and various joint pains.

    The MOJO Appliance has also proven highly effective in reducing or eliminating symptoms associated with bruxism, snoring, mouth breathing, asthma, sinusitis, tinnitus, digestion issues, concentration problems, vision issues, depression, muscle tension, and pain.

    Comes with a complete instructional brochure.


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