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Photizo Vetcare and User Guide
  • Photizo Vetcare - Red Light Therapy Unit

    Photizo Vetcare - Red Light Therapy Unit


    Red Light Therapy utilises Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to emit red and near-infrared light, offering a completely natural, non-invasive treatment that effortlessly penetrates your pet's skin. This gentle therapy stimulates cells in the treated area without requiring any recovery time afterward.

    Photizo Vetcare proves particularly effective in addressing chronic, long-term pain and inflammation resulting from conditions like arthritis and overuse injuries in animals. These persistent issues arise when tissues fail to fully heal. Photizo Vetcare disrupts this cycle of pain, offering tissues the opportunity to commence healing or, in chronic cases, providing extended periods of pain relief for the animal.

    Regular use of Photizo red light therapy aids in cell stimulation, maintaining the health of bones, nerves, cartilage, and muscle tissue. This proactive approach may help forestall further degeneration in tissues such as nerves, bones, joints, and blood vessels.

    Additionally, Photizo Vetcare has demonstrated positive outcomes when applied to acupoints to alleviate pain in animals.

    Using Photizo Vetcare is simple and convenient. Just position the device's LED head on the area requiring treatment, activate the power button, and cease treatment once the timed session concludes. Each dose is pre-programmed and tested to deliver the optimal amount of red light therapy per session, ensuring safety and efficacy. For larger affected areas, you can safely move to adjacent areas until full coverage is achieved.

    Designed for ease of use at home, Photizo Vetcare provides pet and animal owners with a cost-effective alternative to professional laser treatments. This handheld device stimulates cell activity, hastening the natural healing process, and offers drug-free pain management for degenerative conditions in animals.

    Since its launch in 2013, Photizo Vetcare has garnered acclaim among veterinarians, vet nurses, and various other animal health professionals due to its efficacy and ease of use.

    The Photizo red light devices are handheld, rechargeable, and portable, packaged beautifully with a carrying pouch, charger, and user guide. These devices require no training, making them ideal for home use, and offer a powerful, cost-effective, and non-invasive treatment solution.

    Photizo Vetcare is a versatile tool for pet and animal owners, addressing pain and wounds stemming from various underlying health conditions. It aids in treating skin conditions like wounds, lacerations, and abscesses, as well as musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis and tendonitis. It's also beneficial post-op for surgical areas, including skin grafts, and can assist with conditions like corneal ulcers, viral-related issues, and sinusitis.

    For equine users, consider the Vetcare Pouch to safeguard this invaluable product.

    • What's in the Box

      • Photizo Vetcare
      • Photizo Charger
      • User Guide
      • Pouch
    • Full Specification - (the Technical Details)

      Power output - 1300mW (Peak output: 340mW/cm2 / Average output: 194mW/cm2)

      Coverage - 4.7cm2

      Wavelengths - 633nM (red) and 850nM (infrared) - each dose includes both wavelengths simultaneously

      Mains power - 100 - 240 VAC

      Battery voltage - 7.2 DC

      Battery charger - 12V, 1A

      Charging time - 3-4 hours

      Weight - 280g

      Dose Details - 6 joules (31 second dose) – 30% includes a range of pulsed healing frequencies (50/50 duty cycle), 70% continuous light

    • Key Features

      • Red and near infrared light
      • Rechargeable long lasting battery
      • Drug-free pain management
      • Light and portable
      • Easy to use
      • 12-month warranty
      • Aftercare support
      • Can be used on pets and humans!
      • Relieves pain, speeds up healing of wounds, helps with skin conditions, eases musculoskeletal conditions, post-op healing, and much more.
    • User Manual

      Click HERE to Download Userguide

    • Contraindications & Precautions

      See UserGuide

      Click HERE to Download Userguide

    • Suggested Accessories



      FOR EQUINE USERS:  Buy a Vetcare Pouch to protect your Vetcare in use and prevent accidental drops.

      TO CLEAN YOUR PHOTIZO: Buy Leucillin to clean the unit safely without causing damage to the lens cover.

    • Questions?

      If you have any questions please contact me and I'll be happy to help.



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