Mindset & Wellbeing Coaching for Women
with Sue Jaycock


I offer online  Mindset & Wellbeing Coaching Sessions especially for women where we talk through any issues which are concerning you.   These sessions can be online or in person, and are designed to help you: 

  • Manage stress and anxiety

  • Improve any aspect of your health and wellbeing

  • Achieve a healthier life-style

  • Discover new tools for your self-help regime

  • Create a tool kit of self-help techniques that suit you

  • Manage pain or discomfort

  • Feel better about yourself

  • Be motivated to make that change

  • Feel happier, more confident, and more fulfilled

I offer my online coaching in 2 ways:

One off Mindset & Wellbeing Coaching Session: 


This is for you if you have a health issue (physical, emotional) which is currently on your mind that you would like some advice and guidance from a professional therapist on a 1:1 basis.  Perhaps you don't want to talk to your family or friends as you don't want to worry them, but you would like to talk to somebody in complete confidence - someone who is professional, qualified, experienced, caring, non-judgemental and who will give you practical and no-nonsense guidance and steps to take with a sense of humour thrown in.

Alternatively, you might be thinking about booking a Coaching Journey with me (see below), but would like to try one session with me first to see how it works before making a commitment. 

I offer coaching sessions every Friday, and some weekends and evenings. 

To book a One Off Coaching Session with me is simple - email me or click the contact button below and let me know your availability so that we can organise an appointment.  If you have questions you would like to ask me before booking, feel free to ask.

Each session is 60 minutes long and costs £45.00

In person sessions are held at my clinic at my home address in Daventry. 

The 'Get Your Life Back On Track' Wellbeing Coaching Journey:


This is a 6 week programme - a process of discovery that focuses on your goals and it is based on a holistic approach. It helps you to examine what is going on in your life right now, what's holding you back, what is frustrating you, what is going on physically, what is going on emotionally.  We will look at what is affecting you and why, and discover the obstacles to your health and wellbeing. Then we work together to go forward to help introduce improvements in your life so that you are happier, more balanced, feeling able to cope, equipping you with tools and techniques which will last you a life time.

With my guidance you will set manageable goals,  set action steps, and  look at your core beliefs and values.  We do all of this together and I am your cheerleader and your accountability partner all the way through your unique journey.

​​It is important to know that the way you think, the words you speak,  and the way you behave affects the way you feel. Physical wellbeing is intrinsically tied to your emotional wellbeing, so by looking at the way you think, we will make changes to the way you feel.  The good news is that we can control what we think and feel - it just takes practice. We will do this together and the result is that you will achieve a happier and more fulfilled you.

In the process of this coaching journey, depending on what is going on for you, I will introduce therapies relevant to your situation, and draw on my 24+ years of wellbeing experience.  Each journey is unique to you. 

By the end of the coaching journey you will be a more capable, resilient, confident, fulfilled and happy you.

If this sounds good, please get in touch for a free 20 minute telephone consultation before we move forward.  If we decide to work together then we will schedule your initial coaching session and your journey will begin. 

​How it works:

The minimum is a 6 session programme.  Each session is 60 minutes long. Sessions are held weekly.  If weekly is not possible for you then we may consider fortnightly.   Total cost for the 6 sessions is £270.00.  Payment is required in advance by cash or bank transfer. (Installments may be considered if required.)  If you are on benefits please enquire about discounts.

After the 6 sessions, if you wish to extend then you may add on sessions @£45 each.  All sessions are online. Details will be given when you book.

Want to try a session before you commit?  Please book a 'One Off Coaching Session' with me - see top of page.

​Contact between sessions -  the programme includes unlimited email support for the duration of the programme.

​What's the difference between Counselling and Coaching?   They are similar in some ways, but also very different. 

In brief, a Counsellor is someone who creates a safe and supportive space for you to explore who you are and cope with what you are facing in life.  They help you identify problems and act as a support system to help you gain the strength and clarity to cope and to move forward.  A Life Coach is someone who is trained to help you acknowledge where you are today more clearly, and then help and support you in finding ways, strategies and tools to move you forward and closer toward your goals.

My Expertise: 

  • Chrysalis Accredited Wellbeing Life Coach

  • Bowen Therapist & Neurostructural Integration Therapist

  • Aromatherapist

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • EFT Practitioner

  • Neurostructural Integration Technique Therapist

  • Holistic Massage Therapist

  • Mindfulness Teacher

Below are a selection of reviews from previous clients who have had a course of coaching with me.

If you would like to have a no obligation chat with me about Coaching please contact me using the button below.


Smiling Woman


‘Sue is a FANTASTIC coach.  She helped me at a time when I was very unsure of myself, and negative about the future.  Her sessions were relaxed and enlightening, and something I looked forward to every week.  I can scarcely believe the transformation that has occurred in me, and how easily it came about.  I now feel positive about what I do, and am happy that I have a clear path defined.  Thank you Sue!’

Confident Woman


Sue suggested that some life coaching may be beneficial when I was in the throes of Divorce. To be honest, I was sceptical but it proved extremely beneficial in clarifying what I want from my life going to and how to go about making it happen. It instilled a self-worth within me that had previously gone unrecognised.  Sue encouraged me to take control of my future and I am very happy that I acted on her suggestion.

Smiling Woman


When I started my coaching journey with Sue I had newly separated from my husband. Sue provided me with a gentle loving space that supported me in the early stages of my grieving process. The coaching allowed me to bring all my emotional ups and downs and gently encouraged me to start envisioning a new future for myself. Sue's empathetic presence offered me the safety to be open and vulnerable. I valued having a space where I was welcome to be me with all my fears and hopes. To my surprise, like the lotus growing in the mud, the pain and hurt started to give way to my heart's true longings.

With Sue's gentle encouragement I took my first exciting steps towards autonomy and learnt to see that this ending is also a beautiful new beginning.

Besides her gentleness, empathy, support and encouragement what has stayed with me is her humour. Our countless laughs brightened up my darker moments along our journey together.