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Photizo Pain Relief

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Light has played a significant role throughout human history. In ancient times, it was utilized to treat various ailments. With advancements in technology, we now have a deeper understanding of light and its healing properties, specifically through photobiomodulation.


Photobiomodulation involves the application of low-level red or near-infrared light to specific areas of the body. This non-invasive treatment stimulates cellular processes by interacting with mitochondria, leading to cellular repair, regeneration, and pain relief.

Red Light Therapy and Photobiomodulation gained recognition in the late 20th century as researchers and medical professionals explored their potential for harnessing the healing power of light. The discovery of the beneficial effects of low-level laser light on wound healing in the 1960s by Hungarian physician Endre Mester laid the foundation for further investigations into light therapy.

Photobiomodulation has been successfully applied in dermatology, sports medicine, and general wellness. It has shown effectiveness in promoting wound healing, reducing inflammation, relieving chronic pain, improving skin conditions, and stimulating collagen production for skin rejuvenation.

The history of light healing, from ancient civilizations to the modern era, demonstrates humanity's enduring fascination with light's healing potential. As our understanding of light therapy continues to evolve, we can expect further advancements in this field, offering new possibilities for natural and non-invasive healing modalities.

Photizo hand-held devices utilize red and near-infrared light to provide red light therapy. This natural, non-invasive treatment penetrates the skin, stimulating cells and accelerating the body's healing processes. Clinical evidence and real-world results demonstrate the effectiveness of red light therapy in various aspects of healing and wellness.

Photobiomodulation has been extensively studied in hundreds of clinical trials, showing remarkable improvements in skin health, collagen production, physical performance, muscle recovery, sleep, joint pain, inflammation, and more. This therapy offers effective healing without the need for drugs, chemicals, or invasive procedures.

While already proven, we believe there is much more to discover about the capabilities of this healing modality. It is widely used by elite athletes, personal trainers, natural health advocates, and animal athletes for proactive healing and natural health benefits.

Red light therapy enhances cellular energy, helping damaged cells function better and promoting the production of ATP. This restores cell health, accelerates recovery, reduces inflammation, and relieves pain. It can be used frequently without causing additional harm or side effects.

When applied promptly after an acute injury, red light therapy can reverse cell death, leading to faster healing and recovery. Its effects include increased cellular energy, faster cellular regeneration, inflammation reduction, increased circulation and immune system activity, pain relief, regulated collagen production, and more.

Red light therapy harnesses the healing power of red and near-infrared light to accelerate the body's natural healing processes and address various medical conditions and general well-being concerns. It aids in wound healing, chronic pain management, sports injuries, bone recovery, scar reduction, muscle performance, collagen production, and inflammation reduction.

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