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Which Photizo Red Light Device Should I Choose?

A common question is 'which device should I choose?'

As you can see we have 5 Photizo units - or 6 if you include the Silent Vetcare model! How do you know which one to choose? To help you decide which device to choose, and the differences between the models, please check out our Quick Reference Comparison chart below.

Pain Relief

Photizo Pain Relief, as the name implies, has a Medical CE for treating chronic pain / pain which has lasted 3 months or more and ongoing


Photizo Sport has Medical CE for non chronic pain, which means a sudden onset of pain normally associated with an injury

No drugs, no chemicals, no invasive surgical procedures. Just faster, more natural healing and pain relief.


Photizo Skin Care has Medical CE approval for wound healing and has won the Beauty & Home award 2020 for best skin care treatment device.


Photizo Blush has a Beauty CE for skin rejuvenation, anti-ageing/fine line smoothing etc. Best results use daily and results are normally visible once skin renews in 28 days


Photizo Vetcare CE marked for use on animals, effective across many different conditions including wounds, musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries/conditions and pain relief

Silent Vetcare

Exactly the same as the Vetcare...but Silent!

Only one unit needed!

If you are at all unsure, please contact me and I will be happy to help. You only need to purchase one unit - there is no need to buy more than one. I will talk more about that in my next blog.


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