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What are the differences between the Photizo Models?

A common question is 'what is the difference between the Photizo models?'

It can be a bit confusing knowing which of the Photizo units to choose. Why are there 5 different models and what's the difference? Why not just have 1 unit that does everything?

The reason why there are 5 different models (6 if you include the Silent version of the Vetcare) is because they have been designed and are licensed for different purposes. The Pain Relief gives a 41 second timed dose when you press the button. The Sport and the Vetcare give a 31 second timed dose. The Skincare and Blush give 16 seconds.

The reason why there isn't just one machine is because of the legislation surrounding Medical CE.

  • The Pain Relief has Medical CE approval for treating chronic pain.

  • The Sport has Medical CE for non-chronic (acute) pain.

  • The Skincare has Medical CE for wound healing.

  • The Vetcare (including the Silent Vetcare) are for use on pets and animals.

  • The Blush is for beauty and anti ageing.

Due to the way the legislation works, the units have to be packaged and labelled clearly for it's intended purpose.

However, they all work in exactly the same way - the only difference being the in-built timed dose. This means that if you purchase a Vetcare, there is no reason why you can't use it on yourself for your own aches and pains. It is, in fact, exactly the same specification as the Sport model except it is packaged differently. Similarly, if you have the Vetcare or Pain Relief and want to use it on yourself for wound healing or cosmetic purposes, then simply hold the unit 1 cm away and you will receive a more diffuse dose.

The Photizo is safe for both human and animal use.

If you have any other queries feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions.

Sue at Choosewellbeing


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