Why your feedback is important

I love to receive Reviews from my clients, but apart from the fact that it makes me feel good to know that I am helping you, there is a much more important reason for asking for your input. Please read on. Choosewellbeing reviews

Sadly, we complementary therapists just don’t have the millions of pounds that are required to carry out large studies to gather evidence. Even if we did it is likely that evidence that we gathered would not be taken into consideration. Large pharmaceutical corporations have far more funding that we do.  However, there are studies and research into Bowen and Aromatherapy, and there are many of them, but they are very small in comparison.  To find out more please check out the BTPA webpage.

It is very hard to ignore the fact that clients come to Bowen therapists having tried everything else, and they do get better, physically, and they feel better mentally too.

We have some celebrity fans in Bear Grylls, and GB’s Triathlete Victoria Gill.  Henry Wyndham, Chairman of Sothebys, considers Bowen to be ‘one of the very best kept secrets.’

It is very difficult for us to gather the evidence that pleases the powers that be, because Bowen does not work like a tablet.  No two people are the same, double blind studies are frankly impossible.  A lot of our ‘evidence’ is about what people feel, and that can’t be scientifically proven or measured.

We are not allowed to state that Bowen can help with anything, other than perhaps to relax you.  This is why I need your reviews, and your feedback please.  If you have received benefit from Bowen or Aromatherapy or any other therapy that you have received from me, then please leave me a review so that I have your ‘evidence’ that Bowen has helped with your stiff neck, or lower back pain, or whatever it is.  That way I am able to say, hand on heart, that I have helped clients with xyz and I have your review to back it up.

With this in mind, to read feedback from my clients please click here.

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Thank you so much for your time, it is very much appreciated.