3 Tips for Neck and Shoulder Care

3 tips for neck and shoulder pain3 Tips for Neck and Shoulder Care Between Appointments

People with neck and shoulder issues sometimes have their pain return before their next Bowen or aromatherapy appointment. Work, play and children all make demands on the body. A dull ache can quickly turn into a burning pain especially while working on the computer or any of the other million things you do.
What can you do between appointments to take the edge off neck and shoulder pain? Here are some ideas.

Take a Break:

Take short breaks as often as you can if you sit at a computer all day. Move your shoulders around and s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Ideally you can get up and move around a bit. But even if you’re chained to the desk, there are some simple exercises you can do which will help you to keep flexible.


Try it, you might be surprised how much it helps! It’s not complicated, just grab a tennis ball and check out these techniques.

Choose the Right Pillow:

You spend about a third of your time in bed, be sure it’s cozy for your neck. Side-sleepers have different needs than belly-sleepers. The right pillow at night can help you all day.
A few minutes of self care every day, little changes, can make a huge difference in how you feel. See you at your next appointment!
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