Suzanne Wright – Homeopath

Suzanne Wright Homeopath

This month’s interview is with homeopath, Suzanne Wright.  Suzanne and I work at  Therapies At Wootton Fields in Northampton.

Why did you decide to become homeopath?

After a decade of corporate jobs and a couple of years of having babies, I decided to reassess my career choices.  After much soul searching I decided that I would love to work with individuals to improve their health. I embarked on a 4-year course, and spent a year and a half working in a student clinic, and can honestly say I have no regrets about retraining – being a homeopath is truly rewarding, and gives me so much joy.

What made you decide on homeopathy?

Whilst pregnant I had suffered extreme sickness, and conventional medicine had had little to offer in the way of relief.  I eventually sought help from a homeopath, after being reassured that homeopathy is safe to use whilst pregnant.  The remedies she gave me made a huge difference.  Not only did the sickness and nausea disappear, but I began to sleep better than I had in years, my mood improved and even a skin condition that I hadn’t thought to mention cleared up in a few days.  I was so impressed that I began to use homeopathy to treat my own children and husband whenever they became ill, rather than using conventional medicines.  Having seen & felt the effects of homeopathy, it was the obvious choice to me when deciding on a therapy to train in.

What are the 3 biggest benefits you can offer clients?

  • Homeopathy treats the whole person, not just isolated symptoms.  This means that the benefits can be felt on many levels.
  • Homeopathy is the only therapy I am aware of that examines the timeline of a person’s life, to figure out why they became sick, and to treat the cause as well as the symptoms.  For example, if treating migraines, I’ll examine when they began & what was happening at the time.  Often there’s a trauma of some kind – whether that’s emotional, such as a bereavement, or physical, such as a bout of flu, or a combination, such as a difficult childbirth.  I’ll tailor the remedies towards treating that trauma and often the symptoms go away.
  • I give clients the time to really explain their condition.  So often with the NHS, healthcare professionals have a very limited time available to spend with patients.  My clients tell me that they have felt rushed and anonymous when they visit their GP, and no-one really takes the time to see the full picture of their health.  I spend an hour and a half with each patient at their first session, so I can really get to know them and build up an understanding of their condition.  Patients often leave the first session feeling that they know themselves better than ever before.  That can be a healing experience in itself, and when combined with well-chosen homeopathic remedies, a whole new type of healing can happen. 

What are the most popular issues that clients ask you to help with?

People come to me with all sorts of issues, but I’d say the most common are anxiety, migraines and infertility.

Can you give 3 tips that anyone can follow that will help them in their life?

  • Listen to your body.  If you’re waking every night at 3am, there’s a reason.  Ditto if you get indigestion when you eat cucumbers.  Or if you only ever feel really good when you’re in the mountains.  These are all messages that can provide the key to finding a homeopathic remedy that will help you.  At the very least you can decide to move to Snowdonia and avoid cucumbers!
  • Maintain balance in your life – Feed your body by giving it exercise and good nutrition; feed your heart by spending time with loved ones; feed your brain by learning new things; and feed your soul by taking quiet time to connect with yourself.
  • Sleep!  There’s a reason why new babies need 18 hours sleep a day, and some elderly people can manage on 4 hours a night.  Getting into a good sleeping pattern where you allow yourself to sleep for 8-9 hours a night allows your body and mind to rest and repair. (If you really struggle to sleep, book an appointment with me – I can help with that!)

So Suzanne, what are 3 things that have helped you in your darkest hour/worst times

  • My homeopath.  Truly she’s helped me when I’ve battled post-natal depression, struggled to recover from whooping cough, injured my neck, and countless other times. 
  • Exercise – without it I’d go insane.  If I’m feeling low I’ll head to the gym or the pool, or out for a walk, and let my body create endorphins that work their magic.
  • My family!

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

Tomorrow’s a new day, every day.  Don’t stress the little things.  Make the most of every opportunity to meet someone from a different culture or different way of life.  Understanding how others live & think really opens up a whole new world.

So, how can people find out more about what you do?

Visit my website, follow me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.  I work in Northampton and Rugby.

Email or call me if you’d like to find out more:   07946 321 312

Thank you Suzanne for giving us that insight into homeopathy and your business.

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