Bowen for Hairdressers

Bowen for HairdressersI want to talk about Hairdressers. I went along to my local hairdressing salon in last week. I love having my hair done, I get to relax and unwind while the stylist is sorting out my hair. As I was sitting relaxing I took a look around me at the busy hairdressers and I noticed that they all have their shoulders up around their ears. They are non-stop, standing all day and having to hold their arms up whilst cutting, washing, colouring and drying hair. If they are lucky then the salon has adjustable chairs, if not then they have to adjust their height to the height of the chair and the height of the client. The stylist who coloured my hair said that she has to wear high heels because she is short and the chairs do not adjust. This has meant that her feet are perpetually painful, with painful aching legs and chronic shoulder, neck and back pain.

Hairdressers also get pains in their forearms and wrists. Imagine standing all day holding your arms up in the air while carrying out precision movements repetitively. It makes me get back ache just thinking about it, it is like a form of torture.

These un-natural movements cause the muscles to tense and then the joints of the neck become stiff and inflamed. Nerves from the neck travel down the arms and the spine.   It is much better if there are short periods of intense activity and then a break.

So if you are a hairdresser what can you do about it? Here are a few tips:

Before you start work, and between clients, make it a habit to do a few stretches – you can do these 2 or 3 times or more if you have time:

    • Let your hands drop down to your sides and shake your hands and wrists out to relax the muscles.
    • Turn your head gently to the left and to the right as far as you can go without forcing it. Drop your head down onto your chest slowly, and then lift it back up and look up to the ceiling.
    • Drop your head down onto your chest and gently and slowly roll your head in a semi circle until your head it looking at the ceiling, and back again.
    • Don’t be alarmed about the crunching and clicking – this is a good sign that you are releasing tense muscles.
    • Roll your shoulders one at a time, forward a few times, then back a few times, then repeat the other side.
  • Sit on a stool when you can to relieve the pressure on your lower back and feet.
  • Wear sensible supportive shoes which support the arch of your foot.
  • Request that adjustable height chairs are purchased.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the client to move position to help you.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate tissues and remove toxins.

Still getting aches and pains? Come and see me for a Bowen Treatment which will help you get your body back in balance and help relieve those aches and pains.