Talking About Gut Health gut healthThere is an interesting article in What Doctors Don’t Tell You this month outlining a theory that the key to rheumatoid arthritis could be in the gut.  Hippocrates said all disease begins in the gut, and research certainly seems to be finding that this may well be true judging by the recent results from research into the area of gut health.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune condition which causes painful swelling of the joints.  The article says that researchers at the Mayo Clinic now think that it could be triggered by gut bacteria.  People with high levels of a certain bacteria seem to be more likely to develop the condition and these bacteria may be countered with other bacteria which reduce the frequency and severity of the symptoms. Fascinating research and I have a gut feeling (see what I did there?) that science will discover many more links between disease and gut health.   It all points to the fact that having good gut bacteria is essential.

There are some great articles on the web about how to create good gut bacteria, just Google ‘improve gut bacteria’.  Personally I take kefir daily, and take a probiotic, but you need to make sure that your diet is healthy to start off with to have optimal gut health.  I have recently bought a couple of excellent books which I highly recommend:

The Gut Makeover Recipe Book by Jeannette Hyde

Healthy Gut Cookbook by Gavin Pritchard and Maya Gangadharan

Thanks for reading,

Sue Sig