Interview with Lisa Holistics – Colonic Hydrotherapy in Bugbrooke

Colonic Hydrotherapy BugbrookeThis month’s interview with a fellow therapist is with Colonic Hydrotherapist, Lisa Holistics. Lisa works at Home Farm Holistic Therapies in Bugbrooke, Northampton

Why did you decide to become a Colonic Hydrotherapist?

I suffered with very bad IBS symptoms since childhood – no prescription medication has ever helped me in the slightest. This combined with over 20 years of corporate stress, took its toll on my health both physically and mentally. During my former life of “corporate stress”, I looked into alternative treatments for my IBS and I started to receive colonic hydrotherapy sessions on a regular basis, together with taking a good quality probiotic every day and doing a parasite cleanse twice a year. I couldn’t believe the difference that it made to my digestive system and in turn, to my mood more generally. I felt like a different person.

My personality also lends itself to be able to talk about anything! I am not embarrassed to tell people that I have this treatment myself or that I am a Colonic Hydrotherapist. I can talk about bowel movements all day and I do!

What made you decide on Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Lisa Holistics Colonic HydrotherapyHaving experienced, first hand, the benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy and I was now in a “better place” both physically and mentally, I had a period of self-reflection and started to focus on me and what made me happy and things that lifted my mood even further….

I trained as a reiki practitioner and had regular massages as well as receiving my regular colonics. One day, I had a light bulb moment and I thought “What if I could make other people feel this good too?” I then started to look into retraining options and I decided to embark on various holistic courses and study over a 2 year period to gain new skills to add to my portfolio. I just knew that I had to start my own Colonics business as this treatment had given me the most wonderful relief in managing my symptoms. I had seen great results and was confident that I could help other people.

What are the 3 biggest benefits you can offer clients?

• It can help reduce symptoms associated with IBS e.g. gas, bloating, constipation
• It can help strengthen your immune system. I use the analogy that “it is a bit like stripping off old wall paper” If you think how much better your digestive system will function as a result of stripping away old, impacted waste from your colon wall, it then clears the way from the build-up of bad bacteria and toxins and allows your body to absorb water and nutrients better
• It can help with weight loss with regular treatments to complement a healthy life style.
• I know I am sneaking in another benefit, but my treatment room is very luxurious with fantastic ambiance to help clients relax with a private en-suite bathroom. Home Farm Holistic Therapies is discretely located in a self-contained area of Home Farm with private off road parking in a rural setting. I challenge you to find a more lavish and decedent treatment room than mine!

What are the most popular issues that clients ask you to help with?

The most common reasons for colonic hydrotherapy are IBS and constipation. I have seen good results for acne and clients that have felt generally “out of sorts” usually due to a bacterial imbalance.

Can you give 3 tips that anyone can follow that will help them in their life?

• Drink more water! You should be aiming for 2 litres of water a day. You need this to function both physically and mentally. People often mistake hunger when really they are dehydrated! I swear by peppermint tea.

• Take time out for self-reflection periodically. Write a list of what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Make a plan to tackle the latter! You can do it…..make the changes…I did!

• Too many people neglect their internal well-being and don’t make time for relaxation and mindfulness in their lives. We are all guilty of this and sometimes we give focus to things you can physically see eg: beauty treatments hair, lashes, eyebrows, nails and our hair – they can all help us feel good but every now and then, we need to take some time out for an holistic therapy like a hot stone massage, Indian head massage or some reiki. Your psychological well-being is just as important – if not more so!!

So Lisa, what are 3 things that have helped you in your darkest hour/worst times

• Colonic Hydrotherapy – By managing my IBS symptoms, I can now lead a happier and fuller life.

• Reiki and meditation – I have spent many a wonderful hours deep in relaxation

• Get out in nature – take the dogs for a walk. Take time out to observe the changing seasons, the birds in the sky …the ducks in the canal. If you haven’t got a dog – get one or borrow one! My dogs are my world

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

Don’t worry. Don’t anger – It is just a waste of energy. I can now choose on what I focus my attention – the things that I worried over as a 20 years old are totally insignificant now!

Do what makes you happy. If you are not happy – take steps to change things. Make a plan – Put it in writing – Make it happen. Reach out to your friends and ask them for practical help – you will be surprised at the kindness you find.

Also, if the door does not open – it is not your door. Everything will fall into place eventually and when you look back….. It will become clear why that door did not open for you then.

And ….be kind! Don’t give to receive. Help other people and other living things– even if they cannot help you back …your act of kindness will come back to you.

So, how can people find out more about what you do?

Visit my website: or follow me on facebook
Email or call me if you’d like to find out more: 07713131482

Thanks to Lisa for her super interview.  I am going to see Lisa for a colonic hydrotherapy session next week so I will be able to report back!   Here is the machine.  Is it just me or does it have a face! Lisa Holistics Colonic Hydrotherapy

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