Bowen Therapy and Chronic Pain

Bowen Therapy and Chronic Pain

According to current estimations, it is reported that 14 million people are living with chronic pain in England alone.  Bowen and Chronic PainOne in four of these people say that their pain stops them from carrying out their usual activities such as work for at least 14 days in the previous three months.  Chronic pain is hugely debilitating and can cause depression.

Factors that can cause chronic pain include the way we live our lives in modern times, often sitting for long periods of time at a desk in a posture poor position, with our bodies not moving as they were meant to.

When you are suffering from chronic pain you may feel desperate and think that there is nothing that can help.  There are many complementary therapies that you can try, chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage – but have you heard of Bowen Technique?  Bowen Technique or Bowen Therapy offers a gentle yet effective treatment for many long standing issues.  I specialise in a type of Bowen called NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique) which is an advanced form of Bowen and Spinal therapy.   It is a soft tissue treatment which incorporates a series of  rolling movements in very specific areas.  Clients suffering from back pain, neck pain, problems with TMJ (jaw), headaches, sporting injuries, chronic fatigue and emotional depression have found this therapy helpful.  It is also supremely relaxing.

The best way to find out what a treatment is like is to try one for yourself.  I have clinics in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Daventry and if you would like to book a treatment please click here to find out more.

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