Why I’m addicted to Essential Oils

Essential Oils

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Why I’m addicted to Essential Oils

It’s true, I confess!  I am addicted to Essential Oils.  The first time I came across the power and beauty of essential oils, and the fascinating art of aromatherapy, was over 20 years ago when my sons were small.  I have always had an insatiable appetite when it comes to learning about complementary therapies, and when I saw that there was a workshop being held nearby by a lady who worked as an Aromatherapist,  it sounded right up my street, so off I went to find out more.  The class was held in a local village hall,  and there were about 20 of us there, all female, eager to learn about the subject.   From the moment the tutor opened her magical wooden box full of dark glass bottles of these precious and gloriously aromatic essential oils, I was hooked, and I still am – and even better now I have my own magical wooden box!

Why do I love them so much?  I find it fascinating that essential oils extracted from leaves, petals, stems, bark can have such beneficial effect on our emotional and physical well-being.  I use them at home, of course, all the time for bathing, for coughs and colds, for first aid, and I always have them to hand.   They promote healing, help to relieve anxiety and depression, improve quality of life for those with chronic  health conditions, improve sleep and reduce pain – amongst a whole host of other benefits. Aromatherapy is natural, drug free and gentle way to improve your health and that of your family.  What’s not to love?

addicted to essential oilsAfter my little workshop experience all those years ago, I was motivated to want to learn more, so I took myself off to college and studied Holistic Massage, Anatomy & Physiology and then Aromatherapy over a period of 2 years, finally qualifying as an Aromatherapist. In the years that followed I qualified in lots of other things too, and became a qualified teacher.  Now I have come full circle and I have the absolute pleasure of being able to teach people who want to learn about essential oils and aromatherapy all about how to use these precious liquids.

Although essential oils are natural products, that doesn’t mean they are safe.  You need some knowledge about how to use them properly, safely and effectively.  There are contraindications that you need to be aware of; you need to know how to blend them, what quantities to use for different age groups such as babies, children, the elderly and infirm; how many drops to use in a bath for instance, or how to use in a compress, or diffuser, etc, and the best way to use the essential oils for any given circumstance.

The workshops I teach will give you the know how to use essential oils safely and effectively at home and in one afternoon I will teach you invaluable knowledge that will last you a life-time.  I run small class sizes so that everyone has chance to ask questions, and you get to make a product to take home, and I guarantee you will leave buzzing with enthusiasm and confidence to put your new found knowledge to use.

I love running these workshops because I love to inspire people and to pass on my knowledge, and by doing so improving health and wellbeing.

Use the contact form to find out the date of my next workshop.   Daventry and Milton Keynes.

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