Aromatherapy Recipes for Insomnia


Aromatherapy Recipes for InsomniaDon’t you wish you could sleep like this baby?  Unfortunately it isn’t always that easy. Insomnia is a common problem for a lot of my clients, so with that in mind I have written today’s blog Aromatherapy Recipes for Insomnia.

What is insomnia? It is the inability to get sufficient sleep in order to feel rested and refreshed. This depends on the individual of course, some people need more sleep than others. I personally need eight hours or I become rather like Eeyore in temperament!

In my experience, people either have a problem dropping off to sleep in the first place, or more often they get off to sleep without a problem but then they wake at a silly time like 2 am and just can’t get back to sleep. There might be a reason you wake, like your partner snoring, or the dog barking, but quite often there just is no identifiable reason as to why you wake. There is nothing worse than laying there tossing and turning unable to drop back off to sleep when you know that you have to be up and alert ready to face the day in a few hours. It can make you feel miserable, irritable and bad tempered.

Sometimes insomnia just goes away on its own. Sometimes more intervention is required.

You can go to see your GP, and you may be prescribed some medication to help you sleep, but the issue there is that in the morning when it is time for you to rise and shine, you are feeling like one of the seven dwarves – Dopey.
That makes it hard to get going, you feel sluggish and lethargic.

So why do we suffer from this problem with insomnia? My personal theory is that we have so much on our minds in these modern days, stresses from work, relationships, money, everything that comes at us from all angles every day via social media, the news, the radio, the television, mobile phones, devices that keep us in touch with the world which are great but sometimes its just a case of OVERLOAD.

Some medical conditions cause insomnia, and even some prescribed medication can interfere with normal sleep patterns. Anxiety and depression are two common causes of sleeplessness.

Aromatherapy Recipes for Insomnia is a great way to wind down before bedtime. Also turning off any devices a few hours before bed, winding down slowly. Not having the mobile phone near you when you are sleeping. I hear you saying, yes but you use your mobile as an alarm clock. Maybe consider going back to an old fashioned alarm clock.

If worries are going through your mind repeatedly then some people suggest that writing them down helps. Alternatively schedule in your diary ten minutes the following day where you can sit down and just WORRY! Get your worrying done in that ten minutes and move on.

I always like to have my essential oils to hand which can be used in a variety of ways to help you have a restful nights sleep.

Here are some nice and easy aromatherapy recipes for insomnia:

Which oils?

Some essential oils which have sedative properties are:

Aromatherapy Recipes for Insomnia


Run a warm bath – not too hot because then the oils will evaporate too quickly.  When the bath is ready, add the oils above and swish round with your hand before getting in and relaxing before bedtime.


If you have someone to give you a massage that’s great, but if not then simply make up this mix and rub it into your arms and chest so that you get the benefit of the aroma as you drift off to sleep.

Cotton Wool Ball:

Put the oils into a dark coloured glass bottle and shake well.  Add a couple of drops to your cotton wool ball or tissue. Place the tissue or cotton wool ball inside your pillow slip or near to your pillow when you go to bed.

You might wonder why not just drop the oils onto your pillow slip, but you wouldn’t want the risk of getting the neat essential oils in your eyes or directly onto your face so always drop them onto a cotton wool ball or a tissue.  Keep off polished surfaces as it could take off the sheen.


You might prefer to use a diffuser at bedtime.  I personally use this diffuser which you can buy from Amazon and it is very reasonably priced.  Click on the image to follow the link to Amazon.



I hope that has given you some ideas of how to use essential oils to help with insomnia.

A note of caution, do not use too many drops of essential oil with the mistaken idea that this will enhance the sedative qualities – in fact too much of an essential oil  can have the opposite effect.  Avoid oils such as rosemary, grapefruit and peppermint as these will keep you wide awake.  Always take care with essential oils, although they are a natural product, they are also very potent.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog.  Thanks for reading,


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