What is the MOJO?

The MOJO is the Ultimate TMJ Health Appliance, a status it has earned because of its unique design qualities that deliver maximum user comfort, quickest repair times, maximum breathing opening and special tongue exercise features for facial toning. Usable day or night, the MOJO Appliance is a universal multi-purpose, intra-oral health appliance designed primarily to eliminate the troublesome symptoms of TMJ syndrome (TMD) such as clicking jaw joint, facial pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. However, the MOJO Appliance has also been designed to improve postural and spinal alignment as they relate to the TMJ and Atlas thereby assisting in the elimination of further related symptoms such as back pain and various joint pain conditions. Importantly, the MOJO Appliance has been found to be of significant assistance in reducing or eliminating health symptoms relating to:

  • Bruxism
  • snoring,
  • mouth breathing,
  • asthma
  • sinusitis
  • tinnitus
  • digestion
  • concentration
  • vision
  • depression
  • muscle tension
  • pain


Get your MOJO working! Comes complete with full instructions.


How does the MOJO work? MOJO creates space in the jaw joint by bringing the lower jaw forward. The effect is to open the TM Joint and stretch the jaw muscles. This results in releasing pressure inside the joint.


Over time that allows:

  • More blood flow to joint structures which reduces inflammation (heat and pain) and heals the joint tissues
  • Reminds the jaw muscles to find a more natural resting length (breaking the clench habit which shortens muscles and creates spasm or trigger points)
  • Releases pressure caused by clench habits which affect all the bones of the TM Joint, face, head, neck, nerves and teeth


How is the MOJO different from a Dental Splint?

  • MOJO is significantly less expensive at £50.99 than a hard plastic dental splint which can be moulded by your dentist and can cost around £150 to £300 Softer in the mouth
  • MOJO doesn’t need to be fitted
  • Can be worn during the day.
  • Most people wear their MOJO at home after work for a while and carry on watching tv, working on their computer, preparing dinner
  • Walking around wearing your MOJO is useful because it helps reset the neural patterns which perpetuate a clenching habit
  • Feedback from clients indicates that MOJO is helpful when used as little as 5 – 30 minutes a day 3 x per week. More often is better.
  • Exercises can be added – see MOJO brochure which comes in the applicance
  • 3 Weeks is usually enough to get a good change. After initial resolution, most people keep their MOJO in the bathroom cupboard till they experience another stress patch then bring it out for a week or so to reset their clench response to stress.
  • Can be used overnight to help with snoring or speed TMJ healing.


What is TMD?

TMD (Temporo Mandibular Dysfunction) is the term given to jaw joint problems which may occur in the bones and disc of the jaw joint itself (located just in front of your ear) or the surrounding muscles of the face, head and neck. With a healthy TM Joint the lower jaw will have a straight vertical line of travel when opening/closing the mouth, make no sound on movement and be able to open wide as well as move from side to side with no sense of tightness or pain. TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint) is one of the most complex joints in the body and powerfully affects not just the jaw, face, head, neck and teeth – but also can affect nerve function to other parts of the body. Your TM Joint is affected whenever you chew, swallow, talk, yawn, clench or grind your teeth and every time you take a breath.

Symptoms of TMD

  • Pain in the area of the TM Joint (in front of your ears) or cheek and head muscles including headaches, fuzzy head 
  • Limited movement of the lower jaw (mandible)
  • Pain/sensitivity in upper teeth
  • Tooth surface wear which your dentist can identify. It is caused by night teeth grinding (Bruxism)
  • Waking in the morning with headache (could be caused by Trigger Points in the jaw muscles)
  • Waking with a tight/stiff jaw that will not easily open (you should comfortably fit 4 fingers between upper and lower teeth)
  • Clicking, popping or graunching sound in the joint
  • Sinus problems

Please note that there is no return or refund on this product due to the personal nature of the product.


  • There is no refund or return on this item as it is a personal item and cannot be returned once it has been used.


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