Moms and Babies

Would you like to use essential oils for your baby or child but you are unsure which oils to choose or how to use them? 

In this free downloadable e-book Aromatherapy Recipes for Common Ailments in Babies & Children created by a professional clinical aromatherapist you can learn how to use essential oils easily, safely and effectively.


What you will learn:

  • Safety precautions when using essential oils.  Although essential oils are natural, that doesn't mean they are safe.  There are safety precautions that need to be followed.

  • Which essential oils to choose for your baby or child's age group. It can be confusing to know which oils are safe to buy - this guide lists the oils suitable now and as your child grows.

  • How many drops of essential oils to use. It is important to know how many drops of an essential oil to use for each scenario.  If using a diffuser how many drops to use? If running a bath, then how many drops? This e-book will put your mind at rest.

  • How to create your own blends. How do you know which essential oils can be mixed with others?  Our recipes take out the guesswork.

  • Aromatherapy recipes to make at home for a range of common childhood ailments from nappy rash to cuts and grazes.


With this guide you will soon be on your way to using essential oils at home, safely.

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