Interview With Nutritionist Andy Fox Fox has cost me money. He has been the cause of my having to buy new clothes as I dropped a size without dieting.  Not only that he has transformed the contents of my fridge and food cupboards.

I met Andy last Autumn at a networking event in Northampton, and made an appointment to see him, not because I wanted to lose weight (although that was certainly part of it), but because I wanted to be healthier and feel better.  As a complementary therapist I need my energy when doing all the treatments on clients.  Seeing Andy turned out to be one of the best decisions I made as I completely changed my eating habits for the better.  This is no faddy phase, this is a change for the long term.   Out with the comfort eating chocolate digestives and cheese and onion crisps, and in with the almonds, smoothies, juices, and delicious recipes.   What was great about it was how easy it is to do, and how much simpler (and cheaper) my weekly shop is.  Believe me if it was complicated I would not have stuck to it.

As well as advising you on what to eat (and avoid) Andy also finds out about you, what you like, what you don’t like not just in food but also in exercies and he advises on what type of exercise to do.  My favourite bit about the appointment though was the iridology.

So here I am less than three months later and I have lost over a stone.  I feel so much better in myself with more energy.

As part of my interview series of blogs, I had the opportunity to sit down with Andy to ask him a few questions.  Enjoy.


Andy, how did you get into being a therapist?

I have always been fascinated about how the body works since being a child. The big kicker for me was when I did a week’s fast in Thailand in 2002. This really was amazing and opened my eyes to the healing powers of our bodies.

Why did you decide on the therapy that you offer?

I’m a pragmatic kind of guy and with food you can see almost instant results over a few weeks. That definitely works with me!

What are the three biggest benefits you can offer your clients?

A practical approach to nutritional therapy; a detailed explanation on what is going on with their current health concern; support moving forward with their care

What are the most popular issues that clients ask you to help them with?

Digestive problems, lack of energy, hormonal issues, stomach issues with children, hypothyroidism, cholesterol problems

Can you give 3 tips that anyone can follow that will help them in their life?

Look after your digestion; this is key to understanding your health. Don’t be too hard on yourself; accept sometimes that things are not meant to be. And thirdly, surround yourself with people who love and support what you do and who you are.

What annoys you the most?

Nothing annoys me that much if I am honest but not screwing lids back on jars or bottles properly does irk me slightly!

What brings you joy?

Helping people to realise that health is in their court and they have choices. Spending time with my family and friends

Do you have a list of books that you would recommend and why?

Bear Grylls book ‘Mud, Sweat & Tears’ is great. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers. I suppose the messages from these books are that ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’. If you are willing to give things ago then you will move forward and the universe will react accordingly.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 20 year old self?

You’ll be alright in 20 years…..enjoy yourself and don’t be hard on yourself!!!

So how can people find out more about what you do?

They can go to or find me at or on twitter @foxnutrition


If you are looking for a Nutritionist in Northampton, I would highly recommend an appointment with Andy if you are serious about making lasting changes to your health from the inside out.


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Change Your Life With Virginia Hayden

Virginia Hayden Hypnotherapy NLP EFT Daventry Mayfair Change Your LifeA Chat With Virginia Hayden – Hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT Practitioner

I recently had the opportunity to have a chat with the talented and lovely Virginia Hayden who is a Hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT practitioner and coach with clinics in Daventry and Mayfair.  Virginia has a wealth of experience in helping people change their life and I was very excited to find out what she does.  These changes might be stopping smoking, controlling weight, reducing anxiety or getting rid of a phobia once and for all.   What is amazing is that most issues can be resolved quickly and easily.  With this in mind, I wanted to know more about what Virginia can offer and asked her some questions.

What made you decide to retrain as a therapist? 

After recovering from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and not wanting to return to my former career, I decided to retrain as a therapist. Having been impressed by the therapies which had contributed so much to my recovery, I trained in three core methods: hypnotherapy, NLP and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

If I come to see you, what are the biggest benefits you can offer me?

  • Being able to make personal changes quickly, easily and enjoyably
  • Being able to let go of problems and focus on solutions
  • Being able to think differently, feel differently and behave differently

When you had ME, you must have had some low times.  What are 3 things that helped during these times?

  • Looking up towards the sky not down at my feet
  • Humour – in books, drama and in life
  • Contact with those I love and trust

I am curious to know, what are the most frequent issues that people come seeking help with?

People come to me either wanting to solve a problem – whether related to health, emotions or behaviour – or because they want to improve or build on an existing ability. Sometimes, people simply want to be happier. Usually, they want the change to be quick and painless. The methods I use can often help clients to get rapid change. Examples of issues include phobias, fear and anxiety, traumatic memories, physical illness, changing unhelpful habits, stress, weight management. Improvements sought include enhancing performance at work – maybe even as actual performers; being happier in whatever stage of life people may be in.

What are 3 nuggets of advice you would like to share

  • Remember that the best thing about the past is that it’s over; learn from it but don’t let it dominate your life .
  • Know that you can control your thoughts and your feelings
  • Emphasise humour and fun in life and work: “if what you are doing isn’t fun, you’re probably not doing it properly.”

I would like to know what books you would recommend

I would recommend any writing – books or scripts – which makes you laugh, including laughing at yourself. Such a list would be age- and culture-specific but my favourite humorous writers include: P.G.Wodehouse, Nora Ephron, Woody Allen, Douglas Adams, Jennifer Saunders, Gervase Phinn, Therber, Jane Austen, David Nobbs

I would like to know, if you could go back and talk to your self as you were at 20 years of age, what advice would you give your younger self?

I would tell her to learn and enjoy – always.

What brings you joy?

Paying attention to what is around me – people and the rest of the natural world. So, the sky, trees, daffodils, my neighbours, birdsong. Above all, being with my delightful, fascinating grandsons, especially hearing them laugh.

And, finally, if someone wants to contact you because they want to change an aspect of their life, what is the best way of doing so?

You could begin by looking at my website – then, if there is anything you would like to ask or if you’d like to discuss getting help for a change you want to make, do e-mail me at We can arrange a 30 minute talk by phone, skype or face-to-face, free of charge.

Thank you Virginia for your time.  If you have made a decision to change your life – your health, your behaviour or your emotional life then Virginia is the person who can help you to make it happen.

This was an interview by Sue Jaycock of Choosewellbeing with Virginia Hayden of Change For The Better.

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