Below are reviews and feedback from clients after treatment at Choosewellbeing: Feedback from clients, Choosewellbeing

“Hi Sue,  just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the treatment on Wed. Since my treatment  I have had hardly any pain in my ankle. Having been in pain for nearly 18mths now it is great to have had some almost pain free days. :-). Thanks again.”  EB, Northampton clinic

“I really enjoyed the aromatherapy massage, one of the best I have ever had. From the moment I walked through the door I was made to feel welcome & at ease, so was able to relax & enjoy the work of your skilful hands to the full. I came out ‘walking on air’ & can’t wait to book another session!” Brenda, Daventry clinic

“Sue is an excellent therapist. The whole process was explained clearly and she makes you feel very safe. This was my first experience of Bowen Therapy and I would highly recommend Sue to anyone looking for a therapist.” Steve Hunt Northampton clinic

“Had an excellent series of three treatments from Sue, which completely resolved the acute lower back pain from which I was suffering, and improved my overall sense of wellbeing!! I really enjoyed the treatments, found them relaxing, and felt in safe hands! Sitting comfortably now :-)” Jhaden Shaler Northampton clinic

“My wrist/arm is much stronger, I have little pain walking now, back to work and flying round the office 😃I now feel I can get on with day to day things and am looking forward to getting out walking with my camera, I have missed my photography more than anything. Venue really good and really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and treatment 👍🏻” Janet Stone Northampton Clinic

“I do not know where to begin, I have had hip, knee, back, shoulder pain for years, then from May 2015 I have been on strong prescription only pain killers and was getting more and more depressed and lost my appetite. One day a friend suggested I should seek out a Bowen therapist, this is where my amazing journey started. I found Sue Jaycock and after the first session I found I no longer had pain in my knees or hips and got my appetite back. I attended another session today and feel relaxed and incredible. I would thoroughly recommended Sue to administer Bowen to anyone who is suffering, so much so I have just booked my husband his first session (he can not believe the difference it has made to me) I was sceptical but optimistic and so glad I made the decision to try Bowen, and more pleased to of met a wonderful understanding lady who I trust completely.” Janet Stone Northampton Clinic

“Found treatment relaxing. Venue comfortable.” Lin Milton Keynes Clinic

“Having had some spine issues in the past, it was an experiment in maintenance and for me was a way of adding another option to keeping my back in good condition. I did find it a great way to relax and it may have helped me improve my sleep.” Steve Northampton Clinic

Feedback from clients, Choosewellbeing“I loved the treatment, was great. Venue is very convenient.  I would say one of the best massages I have had, muscles feel much looser.” BW Milton Keynes Clinic

“Wonderful treatment from a wonderful lady. Thank you Sue.”  Liz Williams Milton Keynes clinic

“Sue is a wonderful therapist, I had lovely aromatherapy massage.  All my joint pain has gone, and I feel so uplifted.” Pamela Howe Daventry clinic

“Sue Jaycock made me very welcome from the moment I stepped through the door, the massage was wonderful & afterwards I felt as if I was walking on air!”  BC Daventry clinic

“I have had aromatherapy massages before and they are very nice but don’t tackle the tension and pain. I have had sports massages which are very uncomfortable but do the job. I found the massage this time to be a superb combination of the two, it did the job and helped my sore muscles but wasn’t uncomfortable, it was a real treat. Thank you very much .”     Daventry Clinic

Feedback from clients, Choosewellbeing

“I received a Bowen treatment at The Body IQ Studio with Sue.  I had tension and very tight muscles and I was unable to relax.  After the treatment I felt very relaxed. The treatment was great.  I was able to relax whilst having the treatment and became very aware of where I hold my tension.  A very enjoyable treatment. Thank you Sue.”     Milton Keynes Clinic

Treatment was great, I was able to relax whilst having the treatment and became very aware of where I hold my tension. A very enjoyable treatment. Thank you Sue.”  Milton Keynes Clinic

“The treatment room was clean and the bed very comfortable. The consultation was very thorough and I’d be happy to book a further appointment in the new year. The venue is close to home so ideal for me, it’s also in a nice quiet area which is perfect for these kind of treatments.” Milton Keynes Clinic

“Have been sleeping well and back much better.” Daventry Clinic

“My neck is much easier to move, especially when driving, reversing my car, and manouvering in general.  My hips and back are considerably better.  I walk my dog twice a day and it has been so much more comfortable. I also had been experiencing morning depression, and to my amazement it has disappeared. I can only put it down to the Bowen treatments I have received.”  JW Brackley Clinic

“Sue has an excellent caring manner, and is interested in treating people holistically.” MK clinic.

“Sue has been very very thorough in finding out what was wrong with my back and her treatments were so very relaxing. Afterwards the pain went for a few days. Sue even googled and brought me some print outs with my conditions do I could understand what was going on on my hips so I could adjust behavior. All in all sue is a very professional and caring therapist and a lovely person too! I am singing her praises and have already recommended her!” MK clinic. 

Feedback from clients, Choosewellbeing

“Hi Sue, just a quick feedback before I disappear on holiday.  You are a miracle worker!!!  Back is creaking and working through some stuff and much better this morning than for the last few months!”  SB Milton Keynes

“I sought treatment due to backpain. I was lacking mobility and generally unable to move freely. Since the treatments I am much more mobile and I feel well generally. It’s a cliché but my quality of life is better.” SJ – Northampton clinic

“I came to see Sue due to long-term mis-alignments and associated problems. My symptoms prevented me from carrying out certain exercise: bench press, overhead press and dips. Since my treatments I have been able to resume these. As a life-long athlete, rugby, martial arts – I’ve had many forms of physical therapy to treat various injuries, symptoms. I’ve been wholly impressed by the results of the Bowen Therapy I’ve received. The gentle, yet absolute re-alignment process, has been exactly what this body required. I can wholly recommend Sue’s talents, Bowen Therapy to everyone.”  NK Milton Keynes clinic

Feedback from clients, Choosewellbeing

“I visited Sue because of intermittent lower back ache. I was curious about Bowen, as I had not received this treatment before. Sue was incredibly thorough in her pre-treatment consultation, and the treatment itself is very gentle and incredibly relaxing. The following morning I had an intense emotional release, and although I didn’t make an immediate connection between this and the treatment, after my second session, I realised that Bowen therapy was instrumental in this release. I would highly recommend Sue to any prospective clients without any hesitation.”  DB Milton Keynes clinic

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